• Cleaning: A clothes brush and hand steamer will be sufficient for most suits. Make sure you – never wash your jacket. Only dry-clean your suit when absolutely necessary.
  • Pressing: You can press your suit if it gets wrinkled, however, a hand-held clothes steamer — and trouser press work well for everyday wear.
  • Storage: Always hang your suit on a hanger and leave it upright in the closet


  • You can machine wash your trousers or chinos on gentle or have them dry-cleaned.
  • Do not tumble dry.


  • Prior to your first wear, wash your shirt to soften the material and check for any excessive shrinkage.
  • Use lukewarm water for washing and separate the white from colored clothes.
  • Do not tumble dry your shirts. Instead, let them hang inside-out.
  • Use non-abrasive stain remover around the collar, cuffs and armpit before washing if necessary to maintain the shirt’s color and brightness.
  • Storage: Make sure to hang your dress shirts loosely spaced out in your wardrobe so that the shirts have space to breathe and are not squished against each other distorting their shape.
  • Do not iron over the buttons.


  • You can machine wash your socks, but never tumble dry them.


  • Wash your ties separately in a machine on a gentle cycle.
  • Do not tumble dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


  • Cleaning: Use a microfiber cloth or soft polishing cloth for general cleaning.
  • Do not use cleaning solutions, polishes or tarnish removers.
  • Storage: Store the cufflinks in storage cases to help prevent scratches.

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